Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Need your thinking caps on!!

Ok I got spring bug fever when I got my new bedding for my bedroom and I am soooooo impatient with this winter. I want to decorate. Now I can not paint or wallpaper this house (stupid idiots) but there has to be something I can do to change the look of my living room dining room combination. HELP!! Any one have any ideas? I am open to all and any suggestions except for the one that will says that my family portrait has to get down from the fireplace.. that is never going to go over well with my psche.. anything else you got??? I am ready to get this show on the road~


Jan said...

When did you change your dining room chairs? I don't remember seeing those before. Maybe you could change your color scheme and find some new tables for your living room. Leave the family portrait up because it's new. I'm the worst one for changing things so I wouldn't bank on my suggestion. lol

Sally said...

hey those are good ideas Jan.. never thought of changing the table... I had the coffee table painted to match the tv cabinet that Keith and Frank had built like what... 8 years ago?? But I don't have that anymore so that is actually a good suggestion!

Crystal said...

I have a sugestion that Dad wil LOVE .Get rid of the monstosity of a tv.Get a plasma screen instead you can mount it on the wall get a different entertainment unit or get rid of it all together and give you more room.throw down a nice decorative rug .I can think of lots of stuff .It must be contagious I just rearanged my whole living room kitchen area

Sally said...

Hate to tell you but it's my tv lol. And a plasma would cost us thousands! We're saving for our family trip to Hawaii. And the unit is barely one year old :( We would still need a unit to hold all the DVD's and movies plus CD's. But good thoughts! Thanks Crystal

Anonymous said...

Okay, so here it goes:

1. Family portraits are great, just unify them. Buy all the same colour frames (eg. black or brown or natural wood, etc) and then group them. It will look fabulous! I like to do all black and white photos in heavy black wooden frames with big white mats behind.

2. Coffee table. You need one! Acutally, a big square ottoman would look amazing! It is safe for the children and you can buy a big tray for the top so it can hold cups, dishes, etc. and still be totally comfy and be used as extra seating in a pinch.

3. Slip cover for sofa and big arm chair. It will brighten up the space and totally unify the furniture.

4. Lighting. Lamps. Nice big standing lamps with big shades.

That is all for now. I will let you know if I come up with more!