Saturday, February 17, 2007

Catch up from hell

So much for my daily musings. I have just spent a week out of hell. Well figureatively speaking as I have never been to hell but if I had I would imagine it would match last week pretty close. Usually I have to contend with either my FM or with my spine very rarely do I have to deal with both at the same time. Except for this week. I don't know what set everything off but it did. What I have to do for relief for one area is contradictory for the other. For example I have to use ice to relieve the inflammation around my spine but cold sets the FM in a flareup. I have to use heat when my muscles contract but heat sets off the inflammation around my spine. Get the picture?

As if that wasn't enough, I woke up Wednesday night at 3 am reaching madly for the garbage can by the bed! Poor Keith... I don't think he has had a solid 2 hours sleep in a row any of the last few nights between holding my head from my throne, to changing ice packs on my tail bone to massaging my legs from the charlie horses.

I have missed my mammogram appointment this week as well as a shift at the family history centre, a dance at the church and a date night with hubby for Valentine's Day. I have stayed away from mirrors this morning as I can only imagine what I look like and what my hair is doing. But things could be worse. Our best friend suffered a major heart attack earlier this week. He has 3 arteries blocked 100%. They have done an angioplasty to open the 4th artery and he is in CICU. He is only 55 years old. We used to joke around all the time saying Keith had to relax before he had a heart attack as Keith is a "in your face very loud" kind of guy and our friend is a very laid back nothing fazes him kind of man. Goes to show how wrong you can be.

I am still determined to come up with something positive about my illnesses and today it is that I know one can not die from FM or degenerative disc disease. You might think you are in the middle of the night but you really are not. That is my story and I am sticking to it!!


Carmen said...

I am sooo sorry to hear this! And yet I feel your pain. My household has also spent this past week with heads either in the sink or toilet... It sucks. HUGS

Jan said...

Correction sweetie, he only had 3 blocked arteries with one of them being open with the angioplasty and insertion of the stint. I know saying he only doesn't really cut it but it's a lot better than having 4. That just might have killed him.