Monday, February 19, 2007

YEA!! I am organized!

In November I had Keith (after many numerous requests) switch rooms between my work space and the spare bedroom. I tried getting it together but then it was Christmas then had my training with work etc etc and just never seemed to find the time. But this afternoon I got everything put away and can now put my hands on what I need. The only bad thing that happened during this process was I had gotten some (sealed I might add) "kit" of potpourri, magazine rack, scented closet hangers etc etc that I wanted to put in here to make it special. Five minutes after just opening the package I developed a huge migraine and had to seal it all up and put it out on the back patio!! When I had scratched and sniffed the little decal at the store (it was honeysuckle and plum) I fell in love with the scent. I am not the kind of person that likes smelly houses of fruit and trees and rose gardens. I like my home to smell clean and fresh. It never occurred to me that a 100 people may have scratched that exact same decal before me and so doing so had minimized the fragrance. Oh well hey Lareta??? Want it ?? :) So here are some pictures of my completed room. I no longer have to clear my desk every time I change projects from computer to sewing to scrap booking to anything. I have 4 clear definite work areas. Now if I can only figure out how to clear out the lingering honeysuckle out of here I might be able to stay in here longer then 5 minutes lol

This cabinet Keith built for me about a year or so ago. The top left doors hold my fabric and top right fax paper, envelopes etc. Shelf is my sewing area and the shelf actually pulls out 2.5 feet which is the dept of the cabinet. just under this shelf that moves is a space that I put my large poster board etc. Don't ask why I have a tobaggan beside it :)

The first desk is my writing space where I do my family history and work on lessons that I have to teach etc. The boxes on top hold my magazines and how to manuals. Each one is labeled so I know at a glance where something is

This obviously is my computer desk where Snuggles the boss keeps a parental eye on me to make sure I don't go on any sites I shouldn't be on!

This is my scrap booking work station. It also is where I work on or will be working on my pictures and photo albums. You will notice under the desks are file boxes. These are FILLED with photos that need to be organized. On top of the top shelf are some empty photo boxes that I got for Christmas from Keith and now I can sort through the big boxes into some semblance of order.

This is the final area and this holds my scrap booking, craft and sewing supplies. The wicker cabinet bottom area is filled with paper of every kind for albums. Also holds all my cardstock.

So that's my organized area.. Now what should I build today? :)


Anonymous said...

I am sooo impressed!! Way to go!! Organization is half the battle. Now you don't have any excuses (well, maybe...) for not getting some projects done!! hee hee


Jan said...

Hi Sally,
Nice organization but then you have always been so organized when it comes to your office. Keep up the good work on this blog. I love it.