Sunday, October 13, 2013

Being thankful

As we go about our preparations for our Thanksgiving weekend celebrations it has made me think of this past year, all the things I wished I had changed, the things I did change and the things I let go completely. 17 months ago one of my brothers who is just barely a year older then me was diagnosed with terminal lung cancer that had metastases to his brain. I was with them the day the oncologist came to his room and told him he had about 2 weeks with no treatment or 2 months with treatment. I watched this man fight for his every breath and has never given up. It has been a year since I went back home for Thanksgiving and now here we are still watching him keep on going!! It has given me great courage.  Courage to fight my own battles, . So today I thought I would 
write down what I was thankful this year:

1.The Kids table
2. Movies on demand
3. Instagram
4.Someone else putting food away with clean up instead of having every one trying to get out the door
5.girls night out
6.sleeping in
7-3 day weekends refills empty airline overhead compartment just above me 
10.Family Photo albums

11.I am thankful for brothers who take such good care of my mom while I am out here
I2. am thankful for their attention that they give to each other.
13. Last but not least Keith who never stops loving me unconditionally

Some of our grandchildren apparently do not feel the need to come visit or spend time with us according to a little birdie and I so miss seeing them nearly every day. But each family has to do what is right for their own just as I am doing what is right for Keith and I We both had strong bonding relationships with our grandparents till the day they both died of old age. You never ever forget  those memories.

I am thankful to having the Lord in my life, for prayer and for the Priesthood in my home. I am thankful for my friends who drop their lives at the drop of their hat to come help me when needed. I am thankful for our Home Teacher who is in constant contact with us to touch base on how we are doing.

And so for all of you that are such an intricate part of my life and are there for me when I need you thank you. This is for you