Monday, February 05, 2007

New 21 day challenge

So as I was thinking yesterday of starting a new challenge for myself I thought of different things I could work on. We all know patience is not my strong suit and figured I had pushed my limit working on it last month or so I needed a break :) I couldn't come up with anything as I thought about it throughout the day till later in the evening when I was watching a tv movie. Keith was at the dining room table doing some assignment on his laptop when he looked at me and said Sally you just saw that movie a couple of months ago don't you remember? And it hit me!!

I know what my new challenge is going to be. This FM really grates me most days and really gets me down most other days so my challenge is going to be to come up with one positive thing that I am going through BECAUSE of the illness! Talk about a challenge! I looked at him and chuckled and Keith asked what was so funny. I said you know that is a bonus with the FM. You can watch the same show twice in a row and you won't remember you already did. I said during rerun season I can't get bored anymore cause they are all new shows to me hehehehe.

So that is my positive thing for today. My short term memory loss is a good thing during rerun season :-D


Carmen said...

You crack me up!! Well, I guess that really CAN be a positive! Nothing crappier than constant re-runs!!

Mary Siever said...


lol, well that is a good challenge! maybe by the time thisz challenge is over you will see it as a blessing? i should do that with a few things....

#1 having an over dramatic son. there MUST be positives about that, RIGHT???