Sunday, February 18, 2007

Dream Home

I have had this dream binder for as long as I have been an adult. Anytime I go somewhere whether to someone's home or at a store to window shop and I see something I file the idea/pictures/thoughts in my dream binder. Of course in my dream binder I have unlimited money hehehe. So I thought I would share with you what my idea of my dream home would be :)

This is the outside and the bottom floor or the grand floor as it is called.

These are the east and west wings that just out in the front of the building on both sides.

This is the second floor grand floor without the wings on the east and west sides :)

This is the second floor that is including entertainment rooms, media rooms, offices and suites as well.

You have to follow the first and second floor staircases to know where each part of these second floor areas goes over the first floor.

These are the wings for first and second east and west wings

And these are the turrets that will go up to the Princesses towers. After all we have 8 granddaughters that think they are Princesses and how could we as their mere beck and callers build a house without their towers!!


Sally said...

I forgot add my positive thought today before I hit send.... my positive thought today about living with a chronic illness is that I am finally learning to say no.... not very often and not very well but I am learning and slowly but surely I am saying no to things I am asked when I know my time and or my energies will be taxed. See? I am getting better!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey, if you are going to dream, dream BIG!! Fantastic!!