Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The Herbal Kitchen

I bought this cookbook last year and already my book is already very well used and dog eared. A dear friend of mine taught a mini class about 18 months or so ago on starting a herb garden. Mine have flourished and those little 4 little Styrofoam cups have developed into these huge pots that I get to use all year, chocolate mint, real mint, spearmint, lemon verbana, oregano, thai basil, regular basil, purple sage, regular sage, rosemary, Italian flat leaf Parsley, chives, thyme and so on.

I have been using these fresh spices for years and years buying small pots of them or those supermarket foam containers of them but have wanted to have my own. I know what to use them in the regular stream of dishes but I knew there should be something way more that would allow me to make meals using my herbs better.

Hence this book.. I love it...LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT!! Any herbalist should have it in their repertoire

Tonight I brought some lemon verbana home and made this awesome lemonade.. it is soo incredibly yummy! I am drying some spearmint right now for herbal teas in a while. Then there is this chocolate mousse cheesecake that I will be using my chocolate mint to make it with... I am salivating as I imagine how great it will taste. GET THE BOOK and try the recipes out.. see if your library has a copy if you want to take a look at it first or find it in a book store, look at the pictures/recipes and copy down a couple of ones you would want to try out, try them at home and then you will be hooked.

Let me know how it turns out!