Saturday, February 24, 2007

Hockey Night in Canada

Last night Keith and I went to a hockey game with friends. They had gotten us some tickets last week and we didn't want to waste them even though I really wasn't up emotionally or physically to going. I decided part way through the game that when I become President of the World Hockey Association the first things I was going to do was change the following three things:

1. Make all pucks a fluorescent fuschia color so that one can follow the puck more easily. I am a sports fan but watching hockey on tv where the camera is focused on the puck is easier then at the actual stadium where you have to follow it yourself but you are too busy watching everything else going on around you.

2. All alcohol will be banned. There is nothing more nauseating when you are trying to watch a game and some idiot is breathing beer breath over your shoulder as he yells at the players

3. I understand that at times collision between 2 players that are skating at top speeds will happen and that it is an accident but when someone deliberately shoulder checks someone into the boards they would get an automatic 10 minute misconduct. If they did it a second time they would not only be off the ice but they would be banished to the dressing room for the remainder of the game.

At the very beginning of the game literally 2 seconds into the start, the referee had barely dropped the first puck onto the ice when a player from the visiting team just punches the face of another player. It took 4 minutes of fighting before the referee's stepped in!!! What is the point of having referees if they are going to stand there picking their noses?? Off with their heads I say!!!

But the highlight of the game was watching the little Timbits players come out to play during the intermission. They were so very cute some of them had sticks bigger then they were hehehehe. We also had seats in Row 1!!!! Just to the left of the net so needless to say I had the sensation of whiplash many times during the game from jerking back when the players literally ran into our faces... well at least to us women it seemed like they were landing in our laps! They were so close you could count their nose hairs!

But I did manage to catch a flying puck!!!! I caught one at the last game I was at too :) You snooze you lose Keith :)


Kim Siever said...

A fluorescent puck would be harder to see on a white surface than a black puck

Sally said...

not it if was fushia :) or yellow or green