Thursday, February 01, 2007

Getting money for nothing spam

For the last few weeks I have been corresponding with a Maria something or other in regards to this 40 million dollars that she says is coming to me. When I first read it I thought people don't really fall for this do they? But I have been playing along with her trying to get more information from her so that I can send it to the frauds commission and it is hilarious at the ends she/he will go through to get me to agree to fly to Spain and open up a non resident bank account so that they can put money in there from the Russian government. Anybody with half a brain would have checked out this so called person from Russia that the money has come from and known that he is the head of the Russian mob! OH yes just who I want knocking on my door looking for money! The Russian mob...

Too funny! So now she is saying I don't actually have to go to Spain to open up the account that they can do it for me. And how exactly are you planning on doing this without my signature? Oh well we just need you to fax us all your bank information, your name phone number SIN number etc etc.. Oh yes I will jump right on that band wagon lol.

The people I feel for are the elderly who get caught in these scams because they really still do trust everyone and they don't have the access to search online for information on these scams. What throws me is don't these idiots ever check the internet either to see if they are being monitored? There are pages and pages of the 419 scams on there with the exact same letter that I received just with different names. DUH... You may get me to read my emails at 3 am cause I can't sleep but I am not that stupid to actually send you my information so that you can wipe me out of my last 2 cents in my bank account!