Friday, February 23, 2007

Just because


Mary Siever said...

It's very beautiful mum. And very true.

Crystal said...

Wings flutter and gently stir
softly moving the dusty air
filtered light in the shadows
shows layers of dust hiding here
musty smells and moldy memories
tucked away from the everyday

My hand gently trembling
reaches in the darkness
to touch the soft teddies
and tiny little blankets
that lie piled there
hiding from the world

Moths balls tumble across the floor
reminiscent of children's marbles
and little girl games
like girlish giggles
and sticky baby kisses
little dolls all dressed in frills

Her walking mommy's high heels
and wearing my perfume
her little girl graces at teatime
and sly little pouts and tears
her bright eyes and cheery smile

Dreams held close to my heart
put away in here
this dusty dark attic
where I seldom go
to dream of my little lost one
that was never to be