Saturday, February 17, 2007

Gone for now

Well life as I knew it is gone :( Keith has finished his contract in Surrey and has now added his Jeep to the hour long commute through rush hour traffic to his new contract downtown Vancouver where there is no transit near him and a total of 6 parking spots for the whole crew but as the site is next door to a new Tim Horton's being built all those cars are going over to Keith's site.

Now I am back to walking and or taking transit. Going to my doctor's in New West now is a nightmare. They are building condos or as our one son calls them, medium and high density developments under what used to be Sapperton Station. Well the Station is still there but there no longer is an elevator nor escalator. Only 5 flights of stairs. Which is ok going down but going back up is not a pleasant journey. There is one bus that gets off at Columbia Station and I can get that to my doctors but it only runs once an hour so that is as useful as a 2 watt bulb in a power outage.

For last 7 months that Keith has been in Surrey I have loved every blessed moment. I have had the Jeep to go wherever my heart wanted to. Even if I didn't get up to take Keith to work I could walk the ten minutes to his job site to pick it up. No more coming home for lunches. This really sucks.

I neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed my own car!!!!!!!!! Keith tried telling me that no I did not need my own car I might WANT one but I did not need one. I said no that is not how it works. I WANT the car so bad I must need it! Female logic at its best!!