Friday, March 02, 2007

It's a start

So I had to think of what I could do to change this room with my finances which are basically nill and came across these tables (coffee table and 2 end tables) from someone who was going to throw them away. By doing so I was able to get rid of the green little bookcase and the green coffee table. The people that had them though were obviously heavy smokers as the smell on them when I picked them up was terrible. I spent several hours last night and this morning scrubbing them down and although they smell better they still smell. You really can't see the edging around the top or on the top but I need to get a toothbrush to clean it there it is almost black from the nicotine.

I got some new candles and the flowers are courtesy from Curt and Lareta and it improved the room a lot already. By getting rid of the other black end table which was host to the kids toys, and the bookcase which was host to the kids books and coloring stuff the "mess" has disappeared. I had an empty cupboard on the entertainment stand so all the toys went in there out of sight and the rest of the things got put away.

So I am happy for now :) When it is spring I will take the tables outside to sand them down and refinish them but I have to wait till then as I can't have the dust in the house or the smell of the varnish inside. Thanks for all the ideas everyone!!


Anonymous said...

Totally makes a huge difference! Way to go!!


Jan said...

Woo hoo!! Looks so much betta my friend. Yes I know there's a spelling mistake but it's due to my cold that I can't talk properly. LOL

earthmamamary said...


Looks lovely! Yay Freecycle!