Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Shopping versus cleaning

So I am standing in the shower this morning reaching for a towel off the rack when all I felt was blank air. I look up and notice no clean towels.. groan... I really need to fire this maid... so I grabbed the towel that Keith used last night (thank goodness he had hung it up properly). Then as I am standing in front of the mirror doing my hair I notice a wide swatch of white all around my forehead.. now I have been known to leave conditioner in my hair cause I forget to rinse so I look closer in the mirror and lo and behold it is WHITE hair!!!!!!!!!! A wide swatch of white hair!!! Where the heck did that come from???

So first no towels... then this white hair then I go in the bedroom to put the towels in the hamper and I see this big stack of laundry sitting there... ughhhh I did the only sane thing I could think of.. I went shopping. Now I had no list of things to buy.. well actually other then something to cover this grey and some things Lareta needed and I had to go to the produce market, I just wanted to get out of the house. By the way Lareta it is no fun whatsover shopping without you.

I am in the bedding department and see this sign for bed in a bag for $79.00!!!! I think ok obviously that is crappy stuff and horrid colors etc but I wander over and there right before my very eyes is the absolutely most perfect shade of blue! If I was a crayon I would be that blue. I would have bought it just for the sheets it was so perfect blue but there is more! I got a reversible comforter, not one but TWO complete sets of sheets, one set solid and one set striped including pillowcases, 2 sets of shams and 4 ornamental pillows! So I think nah.. that can't be right.. someone must have thought these were on sale found out they weren't and just stuck them on that shelf but I took them to the scanner and sure as shooting they were 79.00!!!

Well what could I do? I had to put them in the cart! Then I go around the corner into the next aisle and there are these beautiful white embroidered sheet set of 450 thread count with 17" pockets!! For 29.00!!! Was it my birthday and no one told me today??? So in the cart they went! Add to it a push up bra in MY SIZE that actually fit!! and I was a very happy girl!

Now I am home and realized that I forgot to go to the produce market and I forgot to get stuff for my hair but I am going to sleep like a baby tonight in my new bedding :=)


Crystal said...

ROFL!!!Oh man you and I must never never shop together .That sounds like me forgett what I went out to shop for and buy pretty things to cheer me up.So did you remember the hair dye?