Friday, July 29, 2005

Lost Lambs

I am feeling very strongly that our new presidency needs to focus a big part of our energies on our lost lambs. Anyone have any idea on how we can do this? Do you have any suggestions of things you tried and succeeded with?

Thursday, July 21, 2005

Primary small vs large sizes

I was recently called to be Primary President. About 6 months ago the previous Primary Presidency decided to combine yonger and senior primary departments. Right after Sacrament ALL kids go their classes then all come together for the sharing/singing time then stay together for closing exercises. I don't understand their reasoning. Finding sharing time ideas to fit 3 year olds and yet at the same time keeping it interesting for 11 years doesn't seem to work. But that is just me. Has anyone else that has a small Primary (about 40 active kids but 110 in total on record) found that this has worked?

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Plural Marraiges

I am just reading through the Work and the Glory again and am at the point where Joseph Smith has gotten the revelation about plural marriages and it made me think of when I first heard this concept after I had just been baptized. When I told someone I had joined the "Mormon" church they said oh Keith should be happy and I said why? And they said cause he could have more then one wife. I nearly left the church at that point cause at 22 years old I was not about to share my new man with someone else. But 27 years later I think what if the Prophet of today were to say that again? I mean it is just hypothetical as we have to live the laws of the land and that isn't one of them.. but hypothetically..... having more faith now then I did then... would I be able to do it? Would anyone else?

Saturday, July 02, 2005


I know that the Lord knows all about me. He knows my innermost thoughts, my personal feelings, everything, even the things I try and hide from Him. So here is my question... If He already knows before I say my prayers what I am going to pray for then why bother praying.. He could just read my mind and we'd be done with it.

Health and Words of Wisdom

As most of us know, if anything eaten that is not eaten sparingly is against our word of wisdom, how do we account for all the overweight people (members) out there? Are we lying when we are having our temple interviews when asked if we are following the words of wisdom? Is that too much like splitting hairs? Very few people have a medical diagnosis that would allow them to have a different reason to being overweight then just from overeating, so what about the rest of us?

In D&C 88:124 it starts off as saying "...cease to be idle..." does that mean couch potatoes are considered idle? Do we think that if we worked hard at our jobs all day that we can justify sitting around all night instead of working at our physical bodies to keep in shape? What constitutes ceasing to be idle?