Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Politics and races

We just had our civic elections here on the weekend and we got a new mayor (which I voted on) but she only got 3 out of 8 councilmans that she wanted. The other guy who was running against her, (he was mayor for 3 terms) has said that he is going to fight every change she makes as he still controls the council with more of his "people". Should that be allowed? When a new mayor comes in or even a Premier or Prime Minister not be allowed to bring their own staff in or should the opposition still be able to block and new moves?

For example, the new mayor wants to bring new and better transit to all these urban sprawling communities that are popping up everywhere. The old mayor is chairman of Translink and he says we need more highways not skytrains and more buses. He continues on to say he will block her every move. How do we stop that from happening?

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Politics and Members

Should a member use membership lists, email lists and ward/stake directories to ask people to vot them in the upcoming election whether it be civil, city council, provincial or federal? Is that taking the church membership and abusing it?