Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Haysom Clan

If you notice at the top of my page you will see a new link for our home page that Keith has been working on. It is under construction but please feel free to check out your last name under the righ talphabet if you are a family member and see if we missed you :)


Crystal said...

I tried to take a look but I cant acess the page .Does Kieth have a wife I dont know about I tried both versions of your name and his oldest son nothing.Let me know how I can see it .Luv ya

Sally said...

oh my name is my maiden name .. genealogy is like that.. it goes by your maiden name... Cloutier :0

Sally said...

ok the password is kelly.. I keep trying to load the page link so that it opens up on the page AFTER the password request but it always goes back to the password page.. technology!!!! Now if my computer son was living here he could show me how to do it!