Saturday, March 31, 2007

Where I come from

So I was at the Family History Centre today and after about an hour I scooted my chair to someone else that was there doing their work to show her something I had found on line to see if she was familiar with that web site. I had written it at the top of one of my pedigree charts and as she was glancing at the web site at the top she says hey that's my line! I asked what are you talking about and she said I have those exact same Cloutier's in my line but had lost the line at my great grandfathers!! She was so excited we both hugged and squealed saying hey we're related!! Six degrees of separation let me tell you!! Although we were 8th cousins but that's close enough to me ;) AND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She is fluent in french WHOOOOOHOOOOOOO

She didn't have anything I did not already have but I did give her from my grandchildren up to my great grandfathers. She was very pleased. Come to think of it I never did get her to check out that site for me lol. But instead of going to bed I have been working on this page. Not as fancy as my buddy Carm but it works for me :) In time I will be more creative at them once she learns to sit still long enough to teach me :)


Anonymous said...

That is sooo amazing!! How exciting to have that happen. And hey - that is a pretty cool rendition of a family tree!!


Mary Siever said...


How cool is that! Anyone we know?

Sally said...

Elaine Jolicoeur... If you go to the younger Uldoric Cloutier our line is his son Jean Baptiste and her line is from the sister Marie Angelina