Saturday, March 17, 2007

Shopping Find

So I am in Seattle a couple of weeks ago shopping in this store and could hear my name being called. There to my surprise was a bag madly waving its handles at me crying out "Buy me Buy me!!" I walked over and there to my surprise was a bag with my blog's name on it. Well I did the only smart thing. I bought it. Of course that was before I got to the counter and the clerk said how much it was! On the way home I noticed it also had the letters RS on it and although I knew what it really stood for I would like to think it stood for Really Smart shopper :=)


Anonymous said...

Sometimes, you just gotta succumb to these things!!


Jan said...

It was meant to be Sally. You have to treat yourself sometimes. Lucky you being able to get to Seattle or even Bellingham.

Mary Siever said...

Hey, it was meant!