Monday, March 26, 2007

Family History Fair

Well my Family History Fair that I was planning for several months now has come and gone on Saturday and I am so thankful. I always give too much of myself in preparation and in putting it together (get that from being raised with the quote if you are going to do something do it well or don't do it at all!) and am always so exhausted when I am done both physically and mentally.

Lareta and her family stayed here this week as their house was being painted and I chose to sit and visit with her and the kids instead of getting ready so ended up pulling an all nighter Friday night getting things ready. Although I absolutely LOVED having someone stay up till 3 am with me to chat :) I had decided for the refreshments to have homemade bread and butter as that was a staple in pioneer days so on Friday made 15 loaves of homemade bread. After I was done kneading that huge batch my shoulders and neck reminded me of why I only make small batches of bread these days!!

But the comments on the bread was well worth it lol. Actually the feedback from the entire fair was WONDERFUL! It really fed my ego let me tell you. Even the Family History Director who taught one of the classes was very pleased with my efforts. She hosts a huge fair each October and told me she was going to do some of the same classes that I had. So I guess that is a good compliment :)

So today is going to be spent cleaning up and putting all my things away. I think it is going to be a "stay in my jammies" day today.


Anonymous said...

So happy to hear it went so well!! Of course with your planning, how could it have gone any other way?? You rock!!