Sunday, March 11, 2007

Hard Headed Woman

So I finally made it to my doctor's on Friday to get this head of mine checked out. She checked it alright and said it was pretty swollen back there. I said well that would be fine except I hit my head on the top not at the back of it at the base. She said what I have done is hit it so hard the skull has jammed into my 1st vertebrae of my neck. Nice. And because of this, my nerve endings are compressed which is what the other doctor has suggested. Double nice. So I asked why the intense burning sensation and the feeling that I have bugs crawling under my skull. She said it's because every time my brain sends a thought out it sends impulses down to my nerves and because the nerve endings are compressed and caught in the jammed vertebrae, the impulses misfire causing the burning stinging crawling sensation. Oh joy. She said when the pain becomes intense or the heat intensifies it is because my brain is too busy with thought and I need to relax. Snort.

Then she started to chuckle and says she doesn't mean to make light of my situation but she said only I could do this. I said well my mother always told me if I was going to do something to do it right the first time or not do it at all. She also always said I was too hard headed for my own good. Thanks Mom.

I have to go and see her physio therapist which is all the way into Abbotsford because she said she wouldn't trust any one else to fix this. She said he will have to "lift" my head off my neck in traction to get the weight off the nerve endings. But she said to expect the headaches and the sensations to continue for several weeks. Oh I am so excited I can hardly contain myself!!! All this two weeks before my big Family History Fair.


Crystal said...

Poor Mom *hug* Yes I think only you could do stuuf like this to yourself.I feel terrible that you are in pain. But just think if any one aske you to do something you dont want to you can say sorry I cant I'm in traction :)and just relax all week and take it as easy as you choose to .mmmm okay maybe I'm dreaming

Mary Siever said...

oi, Mum. Doesn't sound fun. Would craniosacral help or hinder do you think?

Hope it's better soon :(

Crystal, you are in traction??? What happened??!!

Mary Siever said...

oh sorry, I didn't read it probably! MUM is, not you :)

Anonymous said...

Truly, only YOU would do something like this!! hee hee NOT that I am laughing at you!! Oh noooo... Just giggling at you!!



Jan said...

I tried to send a message thru before but it didn't go so I will try again. Only you, Sally could do some serious damage to your head. Sometimes I have to wonder about why it always happens to you. Take better care of yourself.