Monday, March 12, 2007

Liquid Calories

I was reading this health magazine at the doctor's office last week and came across this article about hidden sugars and calories in our diet. It also stressed how at times as parents, we think we are giving our children a healthy alternative to pop in beverages when we are actually doing worse by them. I wrote down the top drinks that they had and all I can say is thank goodness I can't stand chocolate milk!!

McDonalds chocolate milkshake 698 ml
14.75 tsp sugar 237 calories

DQ mocha moolatte 454 ml
6.95 tsp sugar 170 calories

Tropicana Twister Fruit Fusion 475 ml
10 tsp sugar 220 calories

Chocolate milk 220 ml
39.5 tsp sugar (no not a typo!!!) 1100 calories

Fruitopia strawberry Passion Awareness 473 ml
12 tsp sugar 227 calories

Tim Horton's hot chocolate 10 oz
19 tsp sugar 590 calories

Dole Apple juice 475 ml
14.95 tsp sugar 240 calories

I think I will stick to water!!!


Mary Siever said...


Yep, no kidding. This is why I stick to water and only once in a blue moon have some REAL juice and not very much. But nothing else. Liquid candy is what pop, for one, is called. I stay right away from those kinds of drinks.

Anonymous said...

Those aren't even the greatest offenders!! You did not even get near the soda category! You want frightening... People don't realize where the sugar is in their diets. That is why doctors tell you NOT to give juice to your toddlers!! 'Cause all it is is sugar!!