Friday, March 09, 2007

Pet Peeves

I have decided that when I become President of the World I will pass laws to abolish all my pet peeves that I have with things and people. Feel free to add your pet peeves on here and I will be more then happy to add them to my to do list.

1. Cheap venetian blinds that go in rental homes and every time you go to open or close the blinds the cords get tangled and you can never get them to sit at a very straight line

2. People who lay on their horns when you are at a red light. You sit there and you start wondering what else you could be doing and the light changes. It has only been a split second but the idiot behind you is laying on the horn and doing the one finger wave at the top of their lungs. Idiots. Do you not realize by doing that I am forced to become as infantile and I will take my time getting across the intersection just to tick you off. I would have been happy with a little tap of your horn but come on !! Get real!

3. People who do NOT pick up their doggy doo doo's when they take them out for a walk. People..... don't get a dog if you can not be responsible in taking care of it which means bringing baggies with you to pick the stuff up! Idiots.

4.TV Reruns.. some shows have just started and we are into reruns already!! Come on what every happened to shows starting in Sept and going all the way to May. Now they have shows starting whenever the year and season endings now which is way too early!

I am having a cranky day today. I have had a non stop headache for 2 weeks yesterday now. I hit my head really really hard on the end of a shelf while I was helping Lareta with her laundry when I was there. The headache came and I put ice on it. The goose egg went away after a few days but the headache has stayed and the back of my head right at the base has a huge bump on that now and it gets so HOT HOT HOT that it feels like flames are on it. I figured out for the walk in clinic doc that it sounds like the snap on the head has compressed the cranial nerve endings and they are inflamed and will remain till the nerves settle down. HELLO??? Do you know who I am? The Queen of Stress!! Oh sure these nerve endings will settle down but I am pretty sure NOT TODAY!

Lareta hurry up and get better I am bored sitting at home by myself!!!