Saturday, March 31, 2007

Wedding Day Idiocy

So I am hooked on this new show that comes on weeknights at 1am called Whose Wedding is it Anyways? It is a show about wedding planners and what they have to go through to get a girl to her wedding. The show always depicts 2 different brides and 2 different wedding planners. The first one comes on and happens to mention as they are walking into the 4 Seasons in Atlanta that the banquet room and food is going to cost 140,000 dollars!! I thought I had to have heard wrong.. that must be the entire wedding budget but oh no they mentioned it again .. not only was that the hotel catering bill but the entire wedding budget is $350,000!!!!! HELLO ARE YOU KIDDING ME?????

Who in their right mind pays that kind of money for something that lasts a few hours? Do you know how many computers you could put in elementary schools for that kind of money? Do you know how many hungry children that live below the poverty line that go to school hungry cause there isn't money to feed them and what your wedding day could provide for even one school?

These weren't even movie actors or celebrities.. just your normal John and Jane Doe. This is just wrong!! and just think when that couple wakes up in the morning in their $6.000 dollar a night bridal suite they are still going to have morning breath!!