Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Word of the Week

So today is Tuesday... well ok it's after 2 am Wednesday but as technically I have yet to go to bed it is still here is a conversation between 2 granddaughters tonight at dinner. Rosaleen is 4 and Miranda is 3. It's usually sleepover on Tuesday nights which is why they are here having dinner. Keith and I are done and are in the loving room watching tv. The 2 of them won't stop talking to even eat. At once point the conversation begins this new turn:'

Miranda: Nana I'm full
Nana: No you are not you hardly ate your dinner you need to eat more

dinner continues

few minutes later
Miranda: Nana my tummy hurts
Nana: Let me see your plate.... sees plate.... no you have to eat the rest of your yellow and green beans and half of your meat that you sucked all the applesauce off... away she goes back to table

Rosaleen: I know why your tummy hurts
M: why
R: Cause you have poopinjestion (Spelt as it sounded!!!)
M: what's that Rosaleen
R: It's when your food turns into poop
R: Yes it does
M: Nana does food turn into poop?
N: Yes Miranda it does
M: as she looks at her plate.. this doesn't look like poop this looks like beans and meat
R: no it turns into poop in the tubes in your stomach
M: I don't have tubes in my stomach as she lifts her shirt up and says "SEEEE"
R: You can't see it but it curls around in your stomach and as you eat more food it pushes old food into containers like the ones in your fridge but these ones are soft and smaller

SIDE NOTE: Keith has a pillow stuffed in his face and tears running down his face and I have one hand covering my mouth and my other hand pinching my nose tight cause when I am laughing hard I do this nasty snort no one should ever hear

R:...then when the old poop gets shoved in these containers and you don't eat enough vegables and fruits even the ones you don't like and taste like poison that your mom and dad give you to eat you have to eat them cause they help to push the old poop out.
M:No they don't
R: yes they do
M: then what happens?
R: then the poop gets hard and that is when you get poopinjestion and then you can't go in any other people's bathrooms cause it takes too long to come out and it really hurts so you have to go home and go upstairs and sit there and make funny faces to push the poopinjestion out then you will feel better. You never want to get poopinjestion it's not nice
M: Daddy gets poopinjestion the other day

SIDE NOTE:Everything to Miranda is "the other day"

M: Daddy goes to the bathroom all the time and makes funny noises.. when I go home tomorrow I will tell him he has to eat his vegetables and fruit so he doesn't get poopinjestion anymore.

R and M: Nana we don't want to eat anymore.. as they come around the corner into the living room
R: PAPA!!!!!! STOP!! You are squishing the pillow on your face like on the movie.. stop it Papa
M: Nana Papa is crying he needs a kiss to make his owie all better
Me: Keith stop laughing hysterically you are scaring the girls as he slides off the recliner onto the floor finally being able to laugh out loud from having laughed into the pillow repeating the same word over and over again....poopinjestion...

you gotta have a sense of humour in this house or you would go slightly insane

By the way in case you wonder what I do in the middle of the night here is a pic of me that Keith took sneaking behind me scaring the daylights out of me.. notice the time? Always working on our big Seminar coming up on Oct 18th. Don't you just love my Pooh Jammies???


Carmen said...

Okay, seriously hilarious! And yes, you have to have a sense of humour about all things children say/do - otherwise you would go insane. And really, what better way to get a good laugh??

Oh, and WHY are you awake at that time??? WHY????