Saturday, September 27, 2008

Families are Forever

Yesterday I got a great surprise in the mail! The fact that it was in the actual snail mail was a surprise in itself hehehe. But it was a hand addressed envelope with a return address from Saskatoon. Now I only know a handful of people from there and none of them came from that address. The name was vaguely familiar but couldn't place it. After a few minutes of trying to think of who it was from ( I know I know why not open the envelope? I already said it was a surprise to get an actual letter that wasn't from my mom and I was prolonging the anticipation) I finally opened it.

Inside was a hand written letter (again a surprise cause who still writes and not type??) from someone in my family that had been told of my announcement to do the Run for the Cure. I had to re-read it to figure out who this was and had to go to my genealogy to realize she was the daughter of a sister of my maternal grandmother. I think that makes us 2nd cousins perhaps??? But she wanted to send her support with her words and sent a donation along for me to include.

Now you all know I don't do the crying thing. I have what Oprah calls an ugly cry, face gets all red and scrunched up, I can't catch my breath then it comes out in these huge old wrenching sobs,,,so over the years I have perfected the art of biting down on my molars and insides of my cheeks when I feel myself getting to that point and it passes. Well I felt it was safe to let go reading this letter because I was alone and after all who would see this mug turn ugly.

I also got an email from another 2nd cousin.. this one I did know as we have been exchanging family history info over the last couple of years... she wanted to let me know that she took my original email that I sent her to let her know I was running and she posted it on that side of the family's web site. Blew me away. These are 2 women not even from my generation. I don't know if I have ever met either of them in person. If I did it would have been at my grandmother's funeral if they were there. But both of them came forward to support me. One said that this disease has really struck our family hard and how wonderful it was that someone was going to stand up to it.

I don't know how much I can do but I am pretty loud!! And I may be only one voice but I can usually out speak or out talk anyone so I think I can use that talent to move this forward. It made me realize this week that families are forever.. no matter if you are several generations removed, or you have never met... we are for all time and eternity, through sickness and in health... and for today.. this week.. I am strong, I am invincible, and I will run for the women in our family.

Thanks Therese and Claire... you will give me strength next week!!