Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Book Review #2: Strong at the Broken Places

This book is from Richard M. Cohen

I had planned on reading this book last as I knew it would make me delve into the very locked part of me that never comes out. But I also know myself very well and knew if I did not read it next I would never read it. I meant to do the book review last week but was busy planning Keith's 55 th surprise birthday party, our staff training, then getting this nasty mouth and throat infextion where literally was not able to take for FIVE days unless absolutely necessary!

Anyway the book review:

ok.. I am not an emotional person. I do my crying in private and never lose control. When I get a hold of a book, any book I just sit and read till the last page. This book took me forever to read as I kept having to put it down. It made me realize I was human, I had faults, I was not alone in my illnesses, that others are worse off then I am but most importantly I learned that I have a very large supportive family and how very blessed I am. I should be ashamed for keeping them always at arm's lengths. Anyone that has a chronic illness or is a supporter of a family member or friend who is chronically ill NEEDS to read this book. Must supply own tissues.

Ratings out of 5 stars: *****