Thursday, September 04, 2008

Rude Rude and then there are Richmond youth

As most of you know I had major surgery in March and every 2 weeks I have had to go to Vancouver to see the surgeon. Most of the times I took the bus then the train then another bus. But at times when my back would be very sore I would take a different bus from Surrey with only 1 transfer but I then go through Richmond. I noticed something the first time I took that 2ND route. Now I take the bus every where I go if it is car far so I am used to the lack of courtesy youth give to adults but nope not on this trip. When it happened every time I took that route I realized it wasn't an isolated incident but in fact the Asian youth that actually have manners.

Let me explain. Anytime the bus would pick up elderly passengers regardless of the sex, Asian youth (male and female alike) would stand up automatically, bow and give up their seats. Any time a female regardless of age or race came on the bus the male youth would automatically give up their seat. Many weeks I took this route and every single time it happened. Without even looking at street signs I knew when we had crossed the boundary into Richmond. Here I thought courtesy amongst youth on the transit system had disappeared.

Now fast forward to this past week...I had been out with my 4 year old just before the weekend and on the way home she had fallen asleep in my arms while we sat on the bus stop. There is no waking this child when she has fallen asleep. So here I was lugging her, my purse and my bags getting on the bus. All the seats were taken and although there were youth sitting in seats that are designated "assistance needed" seats no one got up.

Monday, to help out our daughter who had been really ill on the weekend, Keith and I went and got their kids school supply lists and went to Wall-Mart to get the rest of the supplies they still needed. What a mess!!I went to ask one of the clerks if they had supplies in another area of the store and was told no just by the door.. a cramped very small area that was made worse by 60-70 backpacks all over the floor, an older teen was reaching up on the top shelf to get some duo-tangs and brought the whole box down scattering them all over the floor.. she just picked up the ones she wanted and left the rest. Because I had a cart I couldn't even get around the aisles, I finally left to ask a clerk if they could send someone over to clean the mess as you could not get around. This was what I was told "Well if you didn't wait to do your shopping till the day before school started you wouldn't have this mess and I'm not cleaning it up or sending someone to clean it up we never made the mess". Then the other day, I am out for my walk pushing my granddaughter in her stroller just boogieing along. We stopped at a red light and this young adult comes up to the same stop, looks at us both then looks at me and says "Isn't she a little old to be still in a stroller?" Uhhhhhh aren't you a little young to be wearing your father's pants out in public as they can't possibly be yours they are hanging around your ankles!!! Idiot.

There has been a lot of talk about Asian gangs out here and a lot of shootings, crimes etc involving Asian gangs.. but after watching these Asian youth on the bus system every 2 weeks for 3 months and then watching the youth out here all I can say is.. the Asian transit gangs obviously needs new recruits and more members!