Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Coolest invention in Tupperware

Ok .. now I don't normally go around giving free advertising to companies, well except for Epicure spices earlier, but these are the COOLEST invention since sliced bread. I was invited to a Tupperware show last year and went to check out for the social aspect more then I needed another plastic container. Well the rep demonstrated these so cool containers and how they keep produce forever. Well ok maybe not forever but for a long time, much longer then normal fridge crispers so thought what they heck. They had a special on buy one get one half price and another small one free or something like that so I invested in them.

No word of a lie they do save the produce for a crazy amount of time. Most of our produce would end up in the disposal as it would go bad before we could use it (thanks to my husband's insane addiction to Costco) but now we actually would use up all the produce. So I think great, next time I get invited to another one I am getting more. Of course I don't get invited. The smart thing would have been to just contact the company and buy some but then I would have been guilted into hosting a show and I didn't want to go there. Lo and behold a few weeks ago we went to a Baby Fair that one of our neighbors as an event planner was hosting and there was a booth from Tupperware! YEAA!!

I asked if they had these special containers and she said yes but only in the fall colors of yellow and orange.. hmmm mine are white and blue.. but thought who cares they are in the fridge so bought a bunch more.. now I just got back from the produce market and am going to happily store all my goodies in their own containers. What makes these containers cool is they have littel "flaps" that are either both closed, both open or one of each depending on what is stored in them. It's these little portals that allow the right amount of moisture in or not in that saves your produce. Check it out!