Friday, September 19, 2008

Training Update

First of all I want to stand up and take my hats off to all of you that have emailed me, called me, sent me cards and flowers of support, have pledged donations of support and especially to those of you who will be by my side on October 5th. My heart and soul are so overwhelmed by this outpouring of support it blows my mind away.

I never expected this kind of response.. I was thinking a few "way to go's" type of thing but not this. I am blown away I don't know how to explain it. The tears are almost constant these days... especially so in my training... every time my knees start hurting from going too far, that picture of the women in my life goes right in front of my heart and soul and I keep going... when my spine feels like it is about to give away.. that picture is right in front of me.. when I think my muscle cramps from the fibromyalgia is going to stop me from getting dressed and getting my butt out that door, that picture propels me forward.

I am doing the 5K part of the run and every day I am doing at least 5k's. Most days I am pushing my granddaughter who is about 50 pounds plus a 25 pound stroller which usually has my purse some books for her and several water bottles (reusble I might add hehehe) and away I go. This week I have a sinus migraine which I have never had in my life. They are refinishing the hardwood floors at work and the smell makes me so nauseous I was throwing up halfway through my staff training 2 days ago.. yesterday the pain in my face kept getting worse so went to the walk in clinic. He went to touch my face and I threw up in his lap.. very lovely of me I might add!!! but the pressure of him just barely putting his fingers on my sinuses was too much. He gave me medication to take but has not kicked in yet.But that will not stop me.

So today and every day for the next 2 weeks , I will be doing 10K's a day broken down into 2 separate runs.

I don't want to be last at the finish line. So I will do the first one early in the morning and then the second one later in the day. It is Keith's birthday and our anniversary today and as I head out the door as soon as I log off here I will go while it is dark and peaceful and run for my mom Pauline, my sister Adele, my aunts, Cecile, Lucienne, Winnifred and Irene (who was my godmother) all other then Pauline have died from cancer, I will run for Lareta, Mary, Linda and Jen so they don't lose THEIR mum, I will run this morning in the dark for Senthia, Britnee, Latitia, Sinead, Amber, Rosaleen, Miranda, Aisling and Kloie so they will still see me on THEIR wedding day.....''

This morning I will run in the dark for Keith, Douglas, Kim, Eugene, Jody and Curt so they can support me so I don't trip on the curbs. Today I will do that 2nd run for Terry, Dallas, Darien and Regan so they have someone in their corner rooting for them when their moms get on their cases for annoying their sisters.

Today I will run a 2nd run for my brothers Claude, Daniel, Richard and Norman so that they won't lose another sister to cancer

Today I will run that 2nd run to celebrate our 27th wedding anniversary with Keith so that we have 27 more reasons to keep going. But mostly today I will run that 2nd run just because I know I can stand up to cancer and not let it get a hold of me.


Marci said...

Happy 27th anniversary! And Happy birthday to Keith. :)

You are so inspiration. Good for you for doing this and for having such great motivation. Wish I could be there at the finish line cheering you on. Here's a long distance HUG!!!