Sunday, September 28, 2008

Last week

I hope that link works out. This is my last week in training for the run. I still am looking for family and friends to do the run with me or walk with me or push a baby stroller with me. Or stand at the end of the line and cheer me on. This is the first race I have been in and although I am not going to be anywhere near the front I know with all the extra training I have been doing I won't be last. This week I will aim to do my 5k's in under an hour. That is my goal. Under an hour pushing the stroller with a 40 pounder. I am going to do it. One footstep at a time. Come on everyone... I know you reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeally want to do this with me :)

It's for a great cause. No one woman every wants to hear those words "I'm sorry but you have breast cancer". One in 9 women this year will be diagnosed. Those are terrible odds. We need to do this. Will you help me in this fight?