Friday, September 12, 2008

First of 3 Questions

"I didn't know I had a quarrel with him."
~ Henry Thoreau in answer to the question,
"Have you made your peace with God?" ~

I don't know where or even whether I heard this or read it, but at some point in my life I came to believe that God and I really will be having a face-to-face conversation one of these days and that I need to be prepared to answer three important questions. These three questions, I believe, if answered truthfully and thoughtfully, can pretty much sum up for Him what I've done with my life. Of course I know that He already knows what I've been up to down here, but He wants to see if I know, if I've really "gotten it."

I believe the first question I will be expected to answer is "What did you learn?"

I'm pretty sure this question doesn't have anything to do with algebra. I hope this question doesn't have anything to do with algebra. I think He's going to want to know what I've learned from living this strange and wonderful life I've lived. I think about the question every day, and I think about my answers every night. Some of the answers get tweaked now and then, but here are a few of the ones I've prepared so far:

*We can't unbreak eggs, but we can make one magnificent omelet out of that mess.*We grow and learn during the tough times, not the easy ones.That must explain why I'm so big and smart - just kidding, Lord :)*God has a sense of humor.*Eat lots of fiber every day.*Sometimes eat a little ice cream.*Someone should invent high-fiber ice cream.*Your mother can always tell if you're lying.*Don't lie, ever.*Nothing is permanent except the human spirit, so stop worrying about the stain on the carpet.*Sometimes we do get more than we can handle, but God doesn't give us the bad stuff; God helps us handle the bad stuff we get from "other sources."*The right tool for the right job.*Put Dad's tools back where you got them.*The "Big 'C'" stands for "Big Courage."*Whatever your heart desires, do it now.*Walk every day.*My scars are beautiful; they are the brushstrokes in the masterpiece that is my life.*When in doubt or fear, hit your knees.*I will never look like a supermodel, but I have really beautiful feet.*You must do the thing you think you cannot do, and every time you do, you are stronger and braver than you were before.*Even if I cannot walk, my soul can dance.*There are really only three things I have to do every day: breathe in, breathe out and say "Thank you!"*Be infinitely kind and compassionate because everyone you meet is hurting in some way.*Celebrate the sunrise.*The supper dishes can wait; time with my family won't.*A brave heart is the most powerful weapon in any fight.*Never underestimate the power or the potential of the human spirit.* Statistics cannot predict any single outcome.*Wear sunscreen.*We are here to take care of each other.*Every human being has worth and value, and if I can't see it, then I need to look again through my Father's eyes.*Dream big for there is little power in little plans. *Ride every carousel you see.*

Dear God, thank You SO much for giving me a full scholarship to this cosmic schoolroom called "life" and for being my teacher and ever-present companion as I make my way through the joyful lessons and the awful ones. Sometimes the learning curve is really steep, and I am afraid to even try, but with Your guidance and patience, I am able to move from lesson to lesson. Be with me today, Lord, and every day of my life as I have so very much more to learn.


Carmen said...

Those are great lessons learned... I wish more of us could step back and ponder about this... Like me... I am still yelling/worrying about the stains on the carpet...