Thursday, August 02, 2007


I went to Playland yesterday for the first time in years and had a lot of fun. The last time I went had been with our best friends and I had had so much fun! I love going there!! Especially at night time with all the noises, the people, the smells.. and ohhh those mini donuts, the candy floss, the caramel apples... yummy! And going on the rides over and over again screaming my head off and then doing it again hehehe. We both have husbands who can't do rides so it was fantastic to have a friend who loved them as much as we did!

But then my spine got to be too bad and I couldn't do the standing in lines anymore or take the rides as they put me in too much pain. I was kind of worried that I would consume all those calories yesterday. But I had a good breakfast, made a good lunch to bring with me and healthy snacks if I "wanted" to munch on something. I ended up forgetting my lunch but I was very good. I had checked all the calories online of carnival foods and when I smelt the caramel fudge I told myself that is over 1000 calories!! And it stayed away. I was very very good and only had 2 mini donuts. That is 2 little ones not 2 orders :)

I only went on a couple of rides though as I knew most of them would wreck me. But I had so much fun taking our 2 year old granddaughter on the kiddie rides while Lareta went on the rides with the older ones. Miranda fell in love with the Swing ride. It is below.

She must have gotten on that ride 20 times and would cry her heart out every time we would say no let's go on another one. I finally told the attendant that if he let her on one more time he would have to go home with her as we were leaving with or without her lol She was so cute on that ride. I was very happy that the park had benches at every other foot. I was able to sit and watch the kids on their rides instead of standing. Most were in the shade so that was a bonus. I was concerned about the grandkids asking for this and for that and wanting all the treats so before we got out of the van I told them that I was going to get them only one treat and that would be after we were all done. (Years of experience knows that high sugared foods and fast rides results in a puking contest)

Not one of them asked for something once. Not one of them had to be given a "look" or a reprimand of any kind. I was very very proud of them yesterday. Well that doesn't sound right .. I am always proud of them. But being well behaved sure made it enjoyable. 2 of the grandkids went on the log ride with me as the last ride and it was so exciting to sit behind them and hear them squealing as we climbed to the peak just before we went over the waterfall... :-D

I have to say it was one of the best outings I have ever had with my daughter and grandchildren.