Sunday, July 29, 2007

Island Retreat

Well we are finally back safe and sound from being on the island this weekend. We had not been sure if we were going to stay overnight or not but brought a change of clothes just in case. Which as it turned out was a good thing. We had thought the wedding was in Nanaimo but when we were on the ferry going across we realized the wedding was in Parksville. It was at a seaside resort and I don't think I have ever been to such a beautiful setting for a wedding in my life. You walked down a path to a gazebo looking out over the sea and the mountain ranges at what seemed like at your fingertips. We got there right at the very last minute (thank goodness the bride was late) so did not get a chance to get new film before the ceremony. Then the bride came down the path. Now this 20 year old girl is my namesake. We have always had a cool connection but as my brain acknowledged that this was her my mind couldn't wrap itself around that the girl in front of me was this stunning beautiful grown woman. What a knockout wearing a dress that a princess could only dream of!!

Her colors were soft pink and chocolate brown. Very sophisticated!! We visited with as many old friends as we could throughout the reception. Lots of squealing and hugs. I had not been feeling good and ended up laying down in the jeep for almost an hour trying to keep the nausea down. We finally left to come home and by the time we got back to Nanaimo I knew we had to spend the night as I was just too worn out. But finding a hotel there on a Friday night was near impossible but finally found one.

The next day at breakfast we thought we would stay an extra night just so we could continue visiting. We went to the gift opening and there we found out that 2 of the children of our dear friends were heading back to Alberta Sunday morning. We ended up deciding that we would head back together Saturday afternoon so they could visit with the rest of our kids last night etc. we have been family friends since our Regina days.

Well as the old saying goes.. best laid plans of mice and men... we got to the terminal in plenty of time and then got announced that the ferry would not be arriving as it had been turned around due to an emergency. That was it. We waited and waited and waited. All there was there was a coffee stall. None of us drank coffee. Their muffins were like 5 dollars each and juice not much cheaper. Keith to the rescue!! MY knight in shining armor! Only he could find a place that would deliver pizza to a parking lot! We were stuck there we could not leave and we couldn't go back. When the pizza arrived he had so many people ask him where on earth he got them from and we just gave them the phone number. They kept making announcements over the loud speaker that pizza was ready, then it was Chinese food ready. Keith said he should have started his own booth and made money!!!

We finally get told hours later that there had been a bomb threat on the ferry we were supposed to have gotten on!!! How scary is that! This isn't New York! We were happy that they had stopped the ferry but keeping 3 small children amused and happy was becoming a feat. We finally had the ferry arrive 6 hours later and we boarded. We were told that because of the delay our meal service would be free. It took us over 90 minutes of standing in line to get our food only to find out all that was left for us was some small dishes of ice cream and a couple of orders of fries. They had made an announcement about an hour into the ride that because of some customers over ordering they were running out of food and that they apologized again. They asked that although the food was free that people only order what they normally would order and to be respectful of all those who still had not ordered.

By the time that Keith got to the front of the line he said the staff were throwing away PLATES full of food. The staff told him that people were ordering 6 hamburgers at a time and taking all the muffins, cookies, anything that was wrapped and putting them into their backpacks. How greedy can people be???? I realize that the food was free but come on people the ferry was full of families that had been stranded for hours!! Kids were being turned away at midnight as there was no food and they were crying.. how sad!!! I can't believe people can be rude!!!

We got home at 1:45a.m when we were supposed to be home 7:30. We stayed up till 3 setting up beds for 3 adults and 3 children and bringing in bags etc. Then we got up at 7 to get breakfast ready for everyone and our kids and grandchildren were coming over to visit... fresh fruit salad, French toast, pancakes, cereal, fresh juice, homemade blueberry syrup, bacon, eggs... yummy....

Then everyone was gone by 10:30 and Keith and I just left the mess and went back to bed to sleep till 4! I was exhausted. Now it is just sitting in jammies, reading mail and getting messages from my voice mail. We watched the news about the ferry and the bomb threat tonight and found out this is the THIRD threat this year already!!! WHAT?? How come I haven't heard this before!!

Anyway it will be a quiet night tonight on the couch with my Pooh blanket.. see ya!


Carmen said...

You certainly lead a very eventful life!! Who would have thunk it??!! hee hee My life is TOTALLY boring in comparison to yours!! And I was watching the news about the "security" incident. Crazy. That is all I have to say.