Monday, August 06, 2007

Camping and granddaughters

I can't remember the last time I was this excited about a coming up camping trip. Camping is my absolute favorite pastime and I could do it 24/7. My ultimate is going up in the mountains with nothing around you but the mountains and a creek or river for fishing. But this coming weekend has me smiling every time I think of it.

It will be the first time that our 3 1/2 year old granddaughter will ever go camping and although not the first time that our 2 1/2 year old will be going with us, she really was too young last summer to remember.

I have been out shopping for new things we needed for last couple of weeks with things starting to stack up. Rosaleen and Miranda have seen these cool things in the house and keep taking them out of the storage bins to show us and we have to keep saying "put it back that's for camping". They have no idea what camping means except that when we finally get to do it they will have their own new Dora and Princess dishes and cutlery, new Dora and Pooh beach play toys, new sleeping bags and all those treats and mini cereal boxes and their eyes keep growing.

Miranda can't pronounce words beginning with "sw" but swimming and being on swing sets are her favorite pastimes right up there with pushing her babies in her stroller. So for last couple of days she keeps saying "I'm going wimming and winging at camping right Nana?" How can you not love them hehehehe

They don't understand "pretty soon" or "later" just they know every time they ask are we going there now they get told pretty soon and then they say "in a little bit right Nana"? Yup in a little bit. But the highlight was when Papa brought the trailer home on Saturday and they both were here Saturday night and got to go inside and saw where they were going to sleep with their new sleeping bags then we had to tell them nooooo it still isn't time to go yet. Brings on a whole new meaning of "Are we there yet?"

Yup I can't remember the last time Nana was so excited at going camping hehehehehe. Just 6 more big sleeps!


Carmen said...

You are too funny! Excited about camping... Can't say that I understand but I am thrilled that you are excited and that the kids are excited. That will be fun for them! Enjoy!!