Friday, August 17, 2007


Well I got a first tonight. We went to Costco to get some groceries after supper and while we were standing in line I remembered I needed more film so off I went. Our Costco has been going through renovations last couple of months (very annoying to say the least) and I couldn't find the film in the electronic department where they usually are. Thinking they had been moved although why I don't know as the cameras were still in the same place, and not wanting to take more time I asked an employee where they were.

He smiled at me and said we don't carry them anymore. I said ha ha really my husband is already in line can you just point me in the right direction. He said I am sorry but we don't carry regular film anymore. Stupidly I asked why not? He said cause no one uses regular film anymore and it just took up too much space. Are you kidding me???? Am I the only one that still uses a regular camera? He said well if you go to a department store you can probably find some there. Yeah right at 1o times the cost.

Not a happy camper let me tell you. This on the evening of a Halloween party at the campground Saturday, a granddaughter's blessing at church on Sunday, family dinner that night with ALL our children there (not a small feat by any stretch of the imagination) and son's family here all next week. Sure I want to go pay 10 bucks a roll of film.. sniff sniff


Carmen said...

WHAT?? What do you mean they don't carry film anymore?? How ridiculous is that?? I would be writing a letter to them...

Sally said...

yup that is what I meant.. they carry NO camera film whatsoever