Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Good Morning to me

Well I am having a great start to my day. My alarm goes off and I rolled over to turn it off not realizing I was laying EXACTLY on the edge of the bed and I rolled onto the floor. My left hip hit the cedar chest and my head hit the book shelf. Wonderful. I decided I was still tired so I would take the bus to work rather then walking meaning I could change the alarm to sleep an extra 45 minutes. Great. Then it goes off again and I look at the time falling out of bed once again when I saw it was 9:30!! I am supposed to be at work at 9:45 and have missed my bus. I am flying around the house trying to get ready when I notice the digital machine showing just past 8:30. I checked all the other clocks and they all say the same 8:30ish. I go back to the bedroom and figured when I changed the alarm time to wake up I must have also changed the time. Hey I was more then half asleep. As I went to get changed I noticed a hard "lump" stuck to my stomach and the inside of my clothes. I thought what the heck?? So I lifted up my top to find a kids half eaten sucker stuck on me. What the heck is that doing there?????

I hate rushing like that. I trip over things, run into things and I don't give my muscles enough time to wake up properly and stretching. Oh well... now that my adrenaline rush is over I guess I can calmly walk to work now. Happy Morning to Me!!