Sunday, August 05, 2007

New Drugs

I was at my doctor's this past week for several reasons but one of them was the fact that my shins have so many bruises on them that I hate to wear shorts anymore. Some of the bruising is so bad that they are perpetually there and I have these dark spots. I have variating degrees of bruising colors from purple and blue from fresh ones to green and yellow ones from older bruises.

Now where are these bruises coming from? They come from me. They are from kicking myself from muscles twitching in my legs during the night. The one medication that I have been on for several years obviously is no longer working. She went over my report from the UBC sleep clinic to see if there were new methods of help that they suggested that perhaps we had not tried yet but nope.. been there have done them all.

So after much discussion I finally agreed to try a new drug. Which normally would not be such a bad thing but the major side effects of this one are "tendencies to do self harm or harm others; anxiety attacks, unusual behavior, panic attacks, seizures". How exciting!! Keith asked if our life insurance was up to date and not thinking replied of course why? He said well if you kill me now you can say it was because of the medication and get away with it lol. Goof ball

I have also had to go back on my medication for my acid reflux. I haven't had to take it for 2 years since I had lost all my excess weight. We couldn't figure out why it has come back. $218.00 for one month has not impressed me. But then waking up while choking on a mouthful of bile doesn't impress me either. Hopefully both issues can be quickly fixed or at least lessened. I am going on holidays in a week and want to be able to relax.