Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Raining again

I am so sick of this rain. I swear we have not had more then one nice week at a time this summer yet. Supposed to be same weather tomorrow. I am sitting here with a thick hoodie on over a shirt and thick socks AND debating whether or not I will turn the heat registers on!! But I won't cause it is the principle of the whole thing. It is summer so you can't turn on furnaces!

So it was back to work today at the Family History Centre. I have never worked mornings before but with so many people on holidays including managers I volunteered. Must have been a good pain day the day I did that schedule hehhee. It was so busy today we could hardly keep up between people checking in, the phones, and the questions. I had even brought a storey book to read and never even touched it. But being busy there is a good thing. Especially for summer. I am there every day this week so will have to plan my work then work the plan cause I still have to finish getting things together for the garage sale on Saturday and finish getting the trailer cleaned to reload it as well as finish packing stuff for it and finally get the house ready for Kim and Mary when they get here next Thursday,,, WHEWW I am already tired just from making my list! Better go have a nap


Carmen said...

I, for one, am very thankful it is raining. My flowers and plants are getting watered, NOT on my money!! Bring it on!! I am tired of paying to water the flowers!