Monday, August 27, 2007

Back Home

Well it's the last week of the summer (where it went is beyond me) and I sit and think about what I have accomplished. I had several building projects I wanted to do as well as refinish my dining room table but never got around to it. Things just seemed to get in the way. We did manage a week of camping and did spend a week with our one son and his family from Lethbridge but even that went by so fast.

I must be getting old. I remember my mother talking with her mom and sisters saying the older they got the faster time flew by. At the time when all I could think of was to leave home, I thought time was going by TOO slowly. Now I understand. On Saturday I realized that it was 4 months exactly till Christmas. Are you kidding me????

It hasn't totally been a wasted summer though. I have started a family history web site (still under construction though) and am working on my online store business. I have been putting pictures in groups for some scrapbook albums and that is always a time consuming task. I also sewed a dress for one of my granddaughters. She was a flower girl for her uncle's wedding.

I also have been bike riding. Although people that say you never forget how to ride a bike no matter how long it has been don't tell you that you may not forget HOW to do it but you DO forget how jelly like your legs become when you try and get off. I am also almost done with my first novel.. a little more then 3/4 done I think so all in all I guess it hasn't been a completely wasted summer although I did want to accomplish more with my time.

The picture of the tomato plate (thanks Kim) are of my last tomatoes from my one plant pot, and fresh basil that I grew from scratch this spring. I added fresh bocconcini cheese from an Italian deli and it tasted like heaven... yummy.. although Keith did look at it and turned up his nose. There is no accounting for taste.

The other picture is of our grandchildren from Alberta. It was taken just before they left for the wedding. The blue dress is the one I made. Well that is it I think for today. Same old same old different day. But on a good ending note.. it is almost NO RERUNS season coming.. yea!!!! All new shows on tv. I hate reruns!


Carmen said...

Great job on the dress!! And the Caprese salad looks amazing!! Fantastic!!