Friday, March 26, 2010

I really am part of an alien nation

Ok those of you who have been reading my blog for any length of time, know that I have been researching my family history for a very long time, almost 4 decades actually, which might be hard to believe considering I am only 53 years old. But I digress. I have talked about my maternal grandmother(Clara Prive)'s maternal grandmother(Marie Louise Cloure). I have talked about how many brick walls I have hit trying to find information on her. She has never shown up on any census ever anywhere in the world, there is no birth, marriage or death records anywhere. I have basically always said that this woman, Marie Louise Cloure, fell on the earth to have 2 children and then just as quickly fell off the earth again. Only through a very very hard road of searching have I been able to locate information that she actually had THREE children not the 2 that the family has always stated. But still no record of her parents etc.

Well on Wednesday while I was working, I decided to search a couple of sites that I had gotten some training on last month (we bring in different presenters every month at our family history centre to teach our patrons and staff on different topics). But it took me a while to get the chance to go and check out a couple of spots. When I was on one of the sites I just entered her name and hit search expecting to see the usual sorry no such name located. But it beeped...huh? So I clicked on the link and burst into laughter!!! The other 2 staff members that I was working with came over to see what was so funny and I said you know this elusive female ancestor that drives me crazy? And they said yes. I said you know you have heard me say many times that she fell on the earth from some other planet? They said yes. I said look at this screen. There in black and white was a site that dealt with UFO sightings. The report came from the Department of Defense. Most of the report was blacked out (which kind of made me go hmmmm what's that all about) but there was enough to read a description of the UFO and that there had been 4 adults and 2 children that reported the sighting all with the same description. One of the 6 witnesses was a Marie Louise Cloure as a child. But as she had been born in 1848 and this report was in 1949, I knew that this was not the same person.

But needless to say it did make me laugh and it did reinforce my belief that she really did fall on the earth from another planet to have her now 3 children and went back to her mother planet just as easily because I have never known any other person that did not leave some sort of paper trail. I do swear though that when Judgment Day arrives, I will locate her and have a sit down with her so she can explain to me why she has blocked my every attempt to find her.