Monday, March 01, 2010

Cell phones vs House phone

Keith and I these last couple of months have been trying to cut down our bills. I hyperventilated at the sheer thought of it.. I kept telling Keith it was easy for him to cut back, he is out there in the real world and I am at home.. I needed my HGTV and my Food Network and my TLC..but we compromised and I agreed to let go of my "needs" if we could do it in short doses. So last month was cable...sigh...You don't know what you have till you don't have it anymore... oh well..

This month is the phone...Keith has been saying for a couple of years he doesn't see the need to have a house phone AND a cell. Well sure he doesn't.. he is not a talker... When phone companies came out with this call anywhere North America 24/7 for 19.99 a month we latched on it. Needless to say they no longer have it but it was too late.. I think when we got it was when they went broke with it hehehe I mean seriously have you met my mother? Where do you think I got my knack of endless talking???

But my rationale is now I will be tied to the phone. Anyone that has ever been in my house knows how our phone rings NON stop. So to only have my cell when I go out it would never shut off. As well with no phone in cars, I would spend all my free time answering voice mail. But I had agreed to work with this new plan so last week we went out to the local mall to all the phone kiasks to see what they had to offer. I told them all what our plan was now and what they could do. Every single one of them said the same... they could not even come close to match it. Gee thanks guys.. you were a big help. The only ones that came close were some we saw commercials for or found on the Internet. But they were not known companies and I did not want to go there.

So there lays my dilemma. What to do what to do.. Has anyone done that? Gotten rid of their house phone and just had their cells to use? How did that work out for you? Anyone know of a cell company that gives 200 free daytime minutes, free evening/weekend calling, 200 long distance minutes, free incoming and outgoing texting and web searches (although rarely used) a month and all for $39.99?


Kim Siever said...

Keep in mind that even if you find a cell phone plan for, say, $59.99, it would still be cheaper than a cell phone plan AND a landline plan.

Sally said...

hmmm I never thought of it that way