Friday, March 12, 2010

I change my mind

I have always taken great pride in the fact that I have never had a cold or the flue in my life. I wore that like a badge of honour. I have been seeing a Naturopath physician for the last 5 months or so taking Prolotherapy treatments which I have talked about in previous posts. But 2 visits ago we decided we would discontinue them for now as they did not have the results we had hoped. I did get relief but not at the level I should have been. So he said he would get a hold of my family doctor and my physiotherapist (don't you just love it when everyone works together??)and devise a new plan of attack. So 2 weeks later I go back and after some testing they said I have a build up of toxins in my system that is fighting against me. He asked me if I ever got colds etc and I replied happily that I did not! He said that is NOT a good thing.HUH? I thought he was pulling my leg. He said colds, runny noses, flues etc are all ways the body gets rid of garbage we put in it.

Gee thanks.. I thought I had at least one good thing going for me. So they agreed that he would give me an IV solution and then send me home with a herb that would work at giving me more energy, let me sleep better and just give me a better sense of health. Once we could get that going then we would go back to the Prolotherapy. My inside voice was thinking woohoo we don't have to pay for the treatments for awhile as that was getting expensive.. but no such luck.. the IV and herb was about the same price. He did warn me that as it started working I would in all likelihood get sick, very sick as my body tried to start getting rid of the garbage.

For a week nothing.. I eventually figured huh they were wrong, that I obviously did not have a build up of toxins in me. Last Friday I was waiting for Keith to get home from work about 1am and all of a sudden I started getting nauseous so just laid on the couch. When I heard him drive up I went to get the door for him and never made it past the kitchen sink. By Saturday afternoon Keith had to call our home teachers to come give me a blessing as I couldn't stop heaving. He had been coughing for days at that point but still took care of me, changing the bedding, helping me in the shower, cleaning up behind me..then I would settle down and his fever would spike up and I would get up and try and take care of him, get him some ice water, take his temperature, get him some cool cloths, then I would crash on the couch.. and he would start his turn.

By Monday I was feeling better and started eating some soups and day better... by Wednesday night I started getting a bad headache so took some Tylenol and laid down on the couch waiting for Keith to get home from his work. By the time he got home at 3am I was coughing like there was no tomorrow. He asked how the heck I had gotten sick since dinner time. I just glared and said it was HIS fault as it was his cold I had gotten. But by the next night I thought this is not right, it doesn't seem like a cold not that I had anything to compare it to but I just kept taking my echinachea and chamomile tea staying quiet.

Then today it dawns on me what happened. It was this new drug doing this... ughhhhhh.. I change my mind.. I think I would rather have the toxins just the same :(