Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Seriously ticked off

Well I am spitting nails right now I am so upset!! I just went through 2 completely different issues both dealing with family history and both just boiled my blood. I had taken some books out of the city library a couple of weeks ago. One was really good dealt with how to write your family history book (which I am planning on doing) as well as dealing with brick walls, of which I have many. I dropped my books off and went inside with my granddaughters to do story time. Afterwards I went to check some books out and they told me I had a blocked book. A what? They said I had returned a damaged book. I don't think so. So they showed me and the entire top of the book was very wet from the first page to the last about 1 1/2 inches down. WHAT THE HECK??

I got my book bag out from under the stroller and it is completely dry. I had another book in there that I had been planning on renewing and it was perfectly dry. I said how the heck can that be so wet and everything else I dropped off be dry. He had no answer for me except I had to buy the book. UGHHHHHHHHH

Then I get home still steaming, literally and figuratively as it is very muggy and I was overdressed as it had been cold this morning when I left. I open my mail and there is a letter from France stating that the city that I was inquiring about in my family did not keep church records or any other records other then nobility before 1590 (which is the marriage date of the last ancestor that I have located on my father's paternal line. ARE YOU KIDDING ME??? Nephi kept records and he was born way before 1590!!! I have about 6 more lines that I am on or about early 1600's and I am going to probably find the same problem. This totally sucks.

I need chocolate.. lots and lots of chocolate.


Carmen said...

That is crappy about the book! And sorry you have hit such a block. Maybe it is time to let this sit for a while and then get back to it later. Sometimes things literally pop up to help guide you in another direction! Good luck!!