Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Bedding Dilemma

Every morning I go through the same problem. I try and fit the sheets on the mattress. What you ask? Why not get sheets that fit my mattress? Well easier said then done. See.... we have a queen size bed that is barely a year old. The mattress has a 4" pillow top. So get sheets that have deep pockets.. yup been there done that check my linen closet if you do not believe me.

The problem is on top of the mattress I have a 3" memory foam mattress. So last week while I was out with Lareta we were talking about it and thought hey why not get king size sheets and that will fit perfectly!! Well so it fit perfectly in my mind. The elastic on the bottom fitted sheet goes all the way down to cover the sides of the mattress.. yeahhh...but there is too much fabric on the top and I have to wake Keith up at least once a night to help straighten out the sheet as there are wrinkles in them. Many nights I think of that fairy tale the Princess and the Pea and I empathize with her. When my spine is hurting or my muscles aching from the FM flareups, every little wrinkle feels like steel bars.

Sigh back to the drawing board......I am definitely open for suggestions.


Carmen said...

I am sorry. My suggestion is custom made sheets. How is that for a bother?!! What a pain, literally!! Hugs

Sally said...

hmm that's a good idea.. any idea where to get custom made sheets? I guess I can google for it in this area.. You are so smart.. but doesn't help me tonight :(