Saturday, October 20, 2007

I forgot I wasn't young anymore

So tonight I did a very stupid thing although in my defense I didn't know I was doing it till I was actually doing it. I fell. Plain and simple I fell. I had just parked the Jeep in a stall and stepped out. I guess I was really close to the tree curb that when I climbed out I stepped on the landscaped area inside the curb. It was pitch dark outside and full rain. I started walking away the same time I slammed the door (I know I know Keith.. stop slamming the door) but it made a "thud" noise instead of a clang kind of like when a seat belt gets caught in the door. So I just twisted to look over my shoulder but the door was shut all the day so kept going. Needless to say with my face looking OVER my shoulder instead of in front of me, I went to take a step and all of a sudden there was no ground beneath me. Before I even knew what happened I did a half horizontal somersault with a quarter horizontal turn. And this all before I finished butt first in a 6" water puddle next to a drain that was blocked with leaves hence the 6" of water.

I managed to hobble up on my feet then realized my right ankle had been twisted. Great!! I also had landed full weight on my right leg joint. All week I have been in pain with that exact joint. Not going to help matters any. I went in the store as I called Keith to let him know I would be late getting home. He asked me if I wanted him to come get me. I had to smile. We have one vehicle and I had just parked it. But you had to give him kudos!!

I used to be able to do that exact "spill" the 4 years I was a cheerleader.. minus the butt landing and never missed not once. Now I know I am not 15 anymore. My body can't bend and twist at will. Well I guess it can... just a lot more consequences now. So after getting home and checking things out I can say that nothing is broken, my left palm and right knee are scraped. I am going to have a wonderful checkerboard on my right thigh and butt tomorrow and my ankle hurts. But all in all I think I did a remarkable job at recovery for a 51 year old Mum of 5 and Nana of 12.

The irony of it all? I was in the parking lot of the pharmacy to get a prescription filled for painkillers :-D


Carmen said...

Oh no!! Are you okay?? I don't like these types of stories.... HUGS