Tuesday, October 02, 2007


I just wanted to invite all of you who read this (and yes that includes all you lurkers! You think I can't see you? I am a Nana I can see through everything!) to our 11th annual Family History Seminar that will be held Saturday October 13th from 8-4. I am enclosing a copy of the handout as well as a description of all the classes. You can come to one class, 3 classes or spend the whole day :)

There is no child care though but everyone over 12 is invited. Bring a bag lunch if you are going to be spending all day there although there won't be a fridge to keep it cold . It is going to be amazing!! Any classes that have a happy face beside it is for beginners although anyone can attend it. There literally is a class for everyone so pick and choose. The instructors are all very experienced! If you have any questions you know where I am :)

Hello Everyone :)