Sunday, October 07, 2007

Little things in life

This week 2 of our granddaughters helped me make cinnamon buns for Papa. They were all about making each one exactly the same as each others and each cut bun had to be perfectly straight on the pan.. but of course they have neither inherited my OCD traits!! OH NO! They got their little chairs out to sit in front of the oven so they could watch them grow and bake. I had set the timer to ring and told them to listen for it but every 10 seconds came a "Nana it's ready!"

Finally the timer goes off. They had been so concentrated on this watching that it startled the pants off them, they cleared right off the chairs and started screaming and running over their chairs. I swear it was right out of an old Abbot and Costello movie. And if you even think of having to ask who is that you are dead meat!

We finally got the buns cooled off enough for them to ice although I am pretty sure more icing got in their mouths. So when it was all done they each sat down and ate one. Which translates into "Nana we're done you have it now". Oh sure now you give it to me when all the icing is gone! What kind of fun do I want a bun with no glaze on it? Anyway we had a good day baking for Papa :)


Carmen said...

They look delicious!! I think I need the recipe... And for you to come over and show me how to bake them... Or maybe I should come over, money in hand, and buy them off of you!!! hee hee

Sally said...

hey either way!! Just as long as I get to see you hehehe. You would think you had moved to Hong Kong we never see each other anymore!