Monday, October 22, 2007

Dreams, men and too much TV

If you remember about a month or so ago I posted that I had dreamt that I was living with Gene Simmons (from the rock band KISS) and his family. It was just a normal every day routine kind of dream of doing normal family things, dinner, driving kids back and forth to school and lessons etc. I woke up thinking what the heck?? Of all men to dream about he wouldn't have made my top ten list. It couldn't get any weirder then that.

Or so I thought. I had a very hard time going to sleep last night. My right leg was still throbbing from my fall and at 3 I finally took some painkillers and went back to bed. Somewhere between then and 5:30 when Keith's alarm went off, I dreamt I now was living with Mike Holmes off the HGTV show Holmes on Homes. Not just me of course. Keith was there as well. That show is by far my favorite reno show but Keith can't watch an entire episode without complaining about something, that he didn't do this or he didn't do that. I keep telling him the show is only an hour long and most of the show's boring points are on the cutting room floor. Realistically he only goes on and on about the show because he is SO ALIKE to Mike Holmes in real life. He absolutely hates going in after a supposedly expert to fix their errors.

In my dream Keith and Mike were in a reno contest fixing a house we were building. Well actually it wasn't our house they were just fixing up a big mess and whoever did the best repairs got to live in it. Our daughter was the judge to boot LOL They tied for first place and we all got to live in the house as one big happy family! I do have to say though... there wouldn't be an earthquake, tornado, flood or anything remotely disasterous that could have blown that house to the ground. It was solid!!

I either watch way too much HGTV and A&E or am too bored to be dreaming like this. I wonder who is next on my dream roster???I wonder if I can put in requests?