Sunday, January 07, 2007


Well I am starting my 21 day challenge today. In Relief Society today, we talked about goals. I said that normally I have tons of them to work on but this year it is singly one thing I am working on. And that is to remember that I need patience when dealing with others. I need to understand not everyone is OCD and that not everyone does things at my speed. And that's ok... that is not where they are in this point of their life. But I am .... which is why I need to let things go. Like my release as Primary President. I have never reacted to a release like I did in the Bishop's office. I knew deep in my core of my heart that he was wrong with it but many prayers later I realized that it's not place to object to the Lord of where He wants me to go serve. I am still very sad at my release but I am working my patience in knowing that maybe just this once Heavenly Father knows me best and knows where my talents will be put to use in better places. I want to work on my cover page so it looks so much better. I am trying to get my web design person over to help me so I can do so much more but he is being stubborn! :) I will keep you posted on how my 21 day challenge is going. I would love some feedback on how am I doing on my posts :)



Mary Siever said...

Good for you mum! I should join you. Patience is something I need to work on.

Anonymous said...

You had a good cover. In RS I never felt you were IMpatient with anyone. Maybe I was your main source of frustration and was oblivious. Maybe it is perfectionism rather than impatience?

I have also worked on patience for years - used to yell at my children etc. Annual temple recommend interviews helped me recognize I was improving--slowly...


Sally said...

Sara perfectionism only works when you work in a perfect world with others who are also perfectionists lol. Otherwise it drives us with OCD around the bend!! Makes it very difficult to work with others as they always think they can't measure up. Maybe that is why I no longer am in PM and am working on my own lol.

You hid your home life well.. I would have never guessed you had a problem with patience :)