Saturday, January 13, 2007

Day 6

Good thing there isn't any chocolate in the house or I would have been chomping on that all that. I have no idea what was wrong with me. I was supposed to take Keith to work this morning so I could have the Jeep to run errands and get a parcel at the bus station. But I had a bad night so wasn't able to get up with him. I got up and went back to bed three times today! I hate it when I get like this :( Then he had to work late :( I thought he was done. I really wanting him to go shopping with me to get birthday presents all week but he was too busy. So we go today as he has a 1/2 break and we go dashing to the store and dashed through the store and I hated it. Off he goes back to work to be back by 5:30 but doesn't get back till past 7:30. I was not a patient person at that time and I had no nerve left.

I was so frustrated I stood in front of the bathroom mirror and cut my hair very short!!! All by myself. Have no idea what the back looks like but the front half of me looks pretty good. Didn't get rid of my frustrated levels or impatience ;(

I missed 2 completely different training sessions this week because of this snow and that frustrates me!! It's just snow for pete's sake!! So I start my first shift at the genealogical centre next Wednesday with no training whatsoever. Good thing I have memorized my manual let me tell you. Well it is 1:45 am so am going to attempt to go to bed and see if I can stay in there this time. Nite all


Mary Siever said...


You got some spam in the previous comment...

Anyway, Oh I feel for you! Well I am sure there is a silver lining? chocolate can be a good thing, and it's good for you in small amounts (dark) :) So indulge, and feel better. I like your hair!

Anonymous said...

Hi!! It's me!!! I am sooooo soooo soooooo sorry that I have not visted you!!! I miss you!!! And tell me about the snow totally mucking things up!! What a joke. Yet, I hate it. Don't get me wrong. I will be here everyday with you - faithfully!!